Chief Proctor's Message

The Degree college, Syalde is a place where students are encouraged to achieve a higher education and become a responsible citizen of India.
We are one of the oldest educational institutions in Syalde, Almora with a vision to excel in all spheres.  We have gained the trust and appreciation of students and their parents alike.

We aim at meeting the needs of every student. In the 21st century, the Digital Revolution affects us all. Quite simply, it is changing everything: a brilliant barrage of information, entertainment, companionship and education is speedily available. This results self - motivation. We try to understand and work with each student, and we firmly believe that it is our responsibility to enable the students in our care to develop as a whole. We not only concentrate on literary but on education as a whole and try to inculcate qualities of a good person in every student.

We put forward a distinctive blend of offerings in the areas of knowledge and enterprise in the form of encouraging students for sports, elocution and quiz contests as well as organizing and taking part in various cultural events. In our college, cricket, basketball, football, etc. are taught under the careful guidance of sport teachers.


Chief Proctor
Dr. Gokul Singh Satyal