Student Support

Reading Room:

The college regularly provide Newspapers and magazines in Hindi and English in the reading room. Students are expected to make use of the reading room facility in their spare time.

Railway Concession:

The college provide railway concession for students taking journey during college holidays to their permanent address which they had mentioned in their admission application forms.

Parents and Teachers meeting:

The college create a friendly atmosphare between the teachers and students and their parents. That requires meticulous grooming and nurturing. Keeping this tradition of health democratic practice, the collage invite the patents in differents college activities to provide their son/daughter best care with the best educated atmosphare and the session provide for parents to monitor and share a dialoge with teaches in reference to the progress of their wards. Every year, with the commencement of the academic session the collage invites parents/guardians and acquint them with the latest developments and new procedures implements in the collage for the session Their suggestion are given due weightage.
Career Counseling:
The collage provided assistance to students regarding career planning, related courses choices, employment option along with personality developments. The college invite the different kind of bussiness associations, companies, factories national and multinational. The college always try to provide the best facilities for the students for their bright career. These all facilities are available in the college during the college hours at the counselors office in the collage campus. The self development workshop, talks and seminars are organized for this purpose. 
The placements units acts as laison between and potential employer through job placements listing for part time/full time jobs and on campus recruitments.
Students Union: 

The college conduct the elections for the students union every year to provide 'young responsible citizens' with a valid primary learning experience for assimilating in them communication skills and leading quality. The elected Students Union represent the intrest of the students community also act as a channel for redressal of their various grievances.
Cultural Association: 

The college elect the cultural association for  the students for different kinds of cultural programes with various departmental association regularly organize various cultural competitions and activities in the college.
Fee Concession and Scholarship:

The collage also provides fee concession for talented and poor students in various categories set by the state government. The college also provide the scholarship to the needy students Economic support is also available to the wards of the defense personal, freedom fighter, SC/ST/OBC. To avail the above scholarship candidates has to apply in the prescribed proforma at the proper time. The dates are announced through the bulletin board of the collage.